Battalion: Red Headsmen

Type: upgrade
Category: Warscroll Battalion
Categories: Warscroll Battalion
LinkId: 20e5-fe93-e44e-084d
Hidden: false
Options (4)
1 Aspiring Deathbringer:
1 Skullgrinder:
3-6 units of Blood Warriors:


Battalion Abilities

Ritual Slaughter
Red Headsmen always count as being within range of their Skullgrinder's Altar of Skulls ability. In addition, if the Skullgrinder slays a worthy foe, the range of his Altar of Skulls ability is doubled.
Slay the Worthy
Each time an enemy HERO or MONSTER is slain by an attack made by a unit from this battalion, you receive 1 additional Blood Tithe point.
Used By (2)
Chaos - Khorne(Catalogue)