Battalion: Skulltake

Type: upgrade
Category: Warscroll Battalion
Categories: Warscroll Battalion, Warscroll Battalion
LinkId: 1f2a-aff9-6f22-db56
Hidden: false
Options (5)
0-2 units chosen in any combination from the following list::
1 Bloodstoker:
1-2 units of Khorgoraths:
2-3 units of Skullreapers:


Battalion Abilities

Reaping Strikes
Skullreapers from a Skulltake are in a frenzied fury whilst they are within 12" of the battalion's Bloodstoker. If the wound roll for a Skullreaper in a frenzied fury is 6 or more, add 1 to the Damage characteristic of the weapon they are using for that attack. If the Skulltake contained the maximum number of units at the start of the battle, then this ability applies to all Skulltake units that are within 12" of the Bloodstoker.
The Skulltake's Khorgoraths make 8 attacks with their Claws and Fangs rather than 5, as long as their unit is within 6" of any of the battalion's Skullreapers.
Used By (2)
Chaos - Khorne(Catalogue)