Judgement: Wrath-Axe

Type: upgrade
Category: Malign Sorcery
Categories: Malign Sorcery
LinkId: 16f4-0b65-a1d5-8690
Hidden: false
Costs: 70 pts


max(roster): 1



Answer Value


Summon Wrath-Axe 4 8"
If answered, set up this invocation wholly within range and visible to the chanter, and more than 1" from all models, other invocations and endless spells. Only KHORNE PRIESTS can attempt to summon this invocation.

Unit Abilities

Flung With Fury
After this invocation is set up and at the start of each of their hero phases, the commanding player can move this invocation as if it were a model with a Move characteristic of 8" and that can fly
This unit can fly.
Hatred's Edge
After this invocation has moved, roll a dice for each unit that has any models it passed across. On a 2+, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. Then, the commanding player can pick 1 unit within 3" of this invocation and roll a dice. On a 1, nothing happens. On a 2-5, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. On a 6, that unit suffers D6 mortal wounds, and then this invocation is removed from play.
Used By (1)
Chaos - Khorne(Catalogue)