Battle Tactics: Hunters of the Warping Wilds

Type: upgrade
Category: Game Options
Categories: Game Options
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Battle Tactic

Fury of the Wild
You can pick this tactic only in your first turn. You complete t his battle tactic if the model picked to be your general and two or more other friendly BEASTS OF CHAOS units are within 3" of an enemy unit at the end of this turn.
In the Shadow of the Herdstone
Pick 1 enemy unit within 9" of your Herdstone. You complete this battle tactic if that unit is destroyed during this turn.
Wrath of the Warped Wilds
Pick 1 objective controlled by your opponent. You complete this battle tactic at the end of the turn if you control that objective and it is contested by any models in your army that were summoned with the Primordial Call battle trait.
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