Type: upgrade
EntryId: ddaf-58fa-2a5f-d1ee
Hidden: false


Battle Trait

WARHERD and THUNDERSCORN units in a DARKWALKERS army are considered to have the BRAYHERD keyword for the purposes of the Brayherd Ambush battle trait. In addition, up to half (rounding up) of the reserve units that are set up in ambush can arrive in your second movement phase instead of your first movement phase.

Command Abilities

Savage Encirclement
You can use this command ability at the end of your movement phase. If you do so, pick a friendly DARKWALKERS unit that is more than 9" from any enemy units and wholly within 18" of a friendly DARKWALKERS HERO. Remove that unit from the battlefield and place it to one side. At the end of your next movement phase, set that unit up again anywhere on the battlefield more than 9" from any enemy units.