Core Battalion: Galletian Command

Type: upgrade
Category: Core Battalion
Categories: Core Battalion
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max(roster): 1


Battalion Abilities

United in Purpose
The Infantry unit in this battalion is the Sworn Bodyguard of the GALLETIAN CHAMPION in this battalion. In the combat phase, when you pick the GALLETIAN CHAMPION in this battalion to fight for the first time in that phase, if the Sworn Bodyguard in this battalion is wholly within 6" of that GALLETIAN CHAMPION and has not yet fought in that phase, the GALLETIAN CHAMPION and the Sworn Bodyguard can fight one after the other in the order of your choice.

Battalion Organisation


Core Battalion: Galletian Command 1 GALLETIAN CHAMPION 1 Infantry unit


set hidden false
1+ **Pitched Battle GHB 2023** in roster (recursive)
1+ **Narrative and Open Play** in roster (recursive)
Used By (1)
Age of Sigmar(Catalogue)