Core Battalion: Galletian Veterans

Type: upgrade
Category: Core Battalion
Categories: Core Battalion
LinkId: 5237-852a-bb97-f380
Hidden: true


max(roster): 1


Battalion Abilities

The Bonds of Battle
When a model in this battalion makes an attack with a melee weapon, you can target an enemy unit within 1/2" of another model from the attacking unit instead of using the weaon's Range characteristic for that attack. If you do so, the attacking model must be within 1/2" of another model from its own unit that is within 1/2" of the target.

Battalion Organisation


Core Battalion: Galletian Veterans 2-4 Infantry units


set hidden false
1+ **Pitched Battle GHB 2023** in roster (recursive)
1+ **Narrative and Open Play** in roster (recursive)
Used By (1)
Age of Sigmar(Catalogue)