What is The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles?

Description: The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles, often simply called The 9th Age or T9A, is a community-made miniatures wargame in which two grand armies clash in an epic battle for power or survival. Each army can be composed of simple foot soldiers, skilled archers, armour-clad knights, powerful wizards, legendary heroes, epic monsters, and huge dragons. The game is usually played on a 72" by 48" battlefield and uses six-sided dice to resolve different actions such as charging into battle, letting arrows loose, or casting spells.

All relevant rules, as well as feedback and suggestions, can be found and given here:


All rules in this book are considered part of the Core Rules of T9A and should be available for use in any game.

Keywords and main terms in titles are indicated by using capitalisation, as in Round of Combat, unless they are too common, like model or unit.

Bold font is used to highlight essential words and Model Rules given by another Model Rule. It is used in Army Books to highlight Model Rules that are defined in the unit entry.

Italic font is used for spell names, background text, or repetitive text.

is used for figure and table captions, item restrictions, and repetitive text.

(Brackets) are used for clarifications and explanations of the actual rules, and for defining parameters of some Model Rules.

The electronic version of this document has clickable hyperlinks colour-coded like this sentence, and the page footer displays hyperlinks to key sections.

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