Unit Entries with Multipart Models

Description: The examples above show entries of units with models consisting of a single model part, but there are also many Multipart Models in the game (see ). The unit entry of a Character mount, the Winged Monkey Chariot from the example in figure figure/unit_entry_multipart_model, will be used to explain the particularities of this type of unit entry.

a) Like for any other unit entry, there may be restrictions on the number of Character mounts that can be part of an army. In the example above, the army may only contain up to a single Character, regardless of the type, on a Winged Monkey Chariot. This restriction only applies to Character mounts, so if an Army Book contains the Character mount additionally as a unit in another Army Category, you are allowed to take this unit in addition to the Character mount in your army.

b) In case of a Multipart Model Character, many of a model's Characteristic values will be determined by the mount's Characteristics, unless they are marked with C or C+X in the mount's profile (see ), which refers to the value in the Character's profile. In this example, the mount does not have a proper Discipline Value, but the Multipart Model uses the Character's Discipline, which is 8.

c) Models consisting of a single model part have one Global, Defensive, and Offensive Profile each. Multipart Models also have one Global and Defensive Profile each, which apply to the entire Multipart Model. However, they do have a separate Offensive Profile for each identical model part. The mount above has 5 model parts: 2 Crew members and 2 Winged Monkeys (as indicated by the 2 in brackets) and a Chassis, which all have their own Offensive Profile.