Swirling Melee

Description: R&F models Engaged in Combat may be in positions in the unit where, based on the general rules for allocating attacks, they can either:

• Allocate attacks (including Supporting Attacks) only towards enemy Characters or Champions

• Not allocate any attacks at all due to enemy models fighting a Duel

Such models may elect to allocate their Close Combat Attacks towards non-Champion R&F models of the same unit instead, exactly as if these R&F models were in the position of the enemy Character or Champion. Note that Swirling Melee cannot be used by Characters.

Figure figure/allocate_attacks illustrates how attacks can be allocated in a complex case.

Example for allocating attacks.The Champion of unit B (Ch) and Character C_2 are locked in a Duel (indicated by the chess pattern). This means that they can only allocate attacks towards each other. The magenta and green models can allocate attacks towards the R&F models of the other unit. The models with a bold frame can allocate attacks towards Characters/Champions. The models in fainter colours with dashed frames cannot attack at all. Character C_1 cannot attack because the only model it is in base contact with is a Champion that is locked in a Duel. If C_1 was a R&F model, it could allocate attacks towards the magenta R&F models.