Simultaneous Effects

Description: Whenever two or more effects occur at the same time, resolve effects controlled by the Active Player first. If there is a choice involved (such as abilities that may or may not be activated), the Active Player must declare the use of their abilities before the Reactive Player. Each player is free to decide in which order they resolve their own simultaneous abilities. Once both players have declared the use and order of their abilities, resolve their effects, starting with those of the Active Player.

• Until the first player completes their normal deployment in the Deployment Phase, consider the player who chose their Deployment Zone to be the Active Player.

• During the rest of the Deployment Phase, consider the player who completed their normal deployment first to be the Active Player.

For example, if both players have abilities that may be activated at the start of the Magic Phase, the player whose Magic Phase it is must choose first whether or not they are using their abilities and in which order. Then the Reactive Player may choose to use their abilities or not. After that, the effects of the abilities from both sides are resolved, starting with the Active Player's abilities.