R&F Models

Description: R&F models except Champions in the same unit share a common Health Pool. If the attack was allocated towards or distributed onto a R&F model, the combined R&F Health Pool loses 1 Health Point for each unsaved wound. If the R&F models have 1 Health Point each, remove one R&F model for each Health Point lost.

If the R&F models have more than 1 Health Point each, remove whole R&F models whenever possible. Keep track of Health Points lost from the Health Pool that are not enough to remove an entire model. These lost Health Points are taken into account for future attacks. For example, a unit of 10 Trolls (3 Health Points each) loses 7 Health Points. Remove two whole models (6 Health Points), leaving 1 lost Health Point, which is kept track of. Later, this unit loses 2 Health Points, which is enough to remove a single Troll since 1 Health Point was lost from the previous attack.

If all non-Champion R&F models in a unit are wiped out, any excess lost Health Points are allotted to the Champion (even if it is fighting a Duel). If there is no Champion, the excess Health Point losses are ignored.

If a unit consists of R&F models with different Types and/or Heights, all R&F models with the same Type and Height have their own separate Health Pool.