Orison of Striking



Each Kingdom of Equitaine army has a pool of Blessing Tokens that can never contain more than 6 tokens. At the start of step 7 of the Pre-Game Sequence (Spell Selection), add 1 Blessing Token per 3000 Army Points to the pool, rounding fractions up.
In each Magic Phase, immediately after Siphon the Veil, Blessing Tokens can be discarded. For every discarded Blessing Token, choose a single friendly unit and apply one of the following effects until the start of the next Magic Phase:

Orison of Shielding: The unit gains Aegis (5+).

• Orison of Striking: Model parts without Harnessed in the unit gain +1 to hit with Close Combat Attacks.

Orison of Discipline: The unit's Discipline is set to 9.

A single unit can only be the target of one Orison per Player Turn, unless specifically stated otherwise.