Losing Base Contact

Description: Removing casualties may cause units to lose base contact with their foe. When this happens, units are nudged back into combat after removing all casualties caused by simultaneous attacks using the following procedure:

• The unit that is going to lose base contact while not suffering casualties is moved the minimum amount needed to keep it in base contact. If there is no such unit, the Active Player's unit counts as such for this purpose.

• If this will not bring the units back into contact, move the unit suffering casualties the minimum amount needed to keep it in base contact instead.

A nudged unit can only be moved in a straight line forwards, backwards, to either side, or a combination of two of these directions (first one, then the other). Units that are in base contact with other enemy units can never be nudged in this way. Nudged units cannot move through the Unit Boundary of other units or Impassable Terrain. They also cannot move into base contact with enemy units that they were not in base contact with before the nudge move, but they are allowed to move within 1" of the Unit Boundary of other units Engaged in the same Combat. Nudge moves cannot be used to change the Facing in which any unit is fighting (which means that if the unit was Engaged in the Flank before the nudge move, this must still be true after the nudge move). If several friendly units lose base contact at the same time, move them in the order that allows the maximum number of units to stay in combat. If this number is equal, the Active Player decides the order. Note that either unit still can only be moved the minimum amount needed to keep it in contact, even if this prevents another unit from being nudged back into combat.If nudging either unit does not manage to bring the units back into contact with each other, the unit Drops out of Combat. Any units that are no longer Engaged in Combat follow the rules given under .