List of Personal Protections



Unit profiles in this Army Book contain an additional Characteristic, which corresponds to the units' Aegis Saves, shortened Aeg. This Characteristic is treated as if the unit has the Personal Protection Aegis (X+) written on its profile, where X is the Aeg Characteristic value. Not having an Aeg value does not prevent a unit from being the target of an Aegis modifier.

Aegis is a Special Save. A model must reroll successful Aegis Saves against Divine Attacks.

Cannot be Stomped

For the purposes of Stomp Attacks from enemy models, a model with Cannot be Stomped is never considered to be of Standard Height.


Close Combat Attacks allocated towards a model with Distracting suffer a -1 to-hit modifier. Ignore this rule if the attack is affected by any other negative to-hit modifier.


Flaming Attacks must reroll failed to-wound rolls against a model with Flammable.


Fortitude is a Special Save. Fortitude Saves cannot be taken against attacks with Lethal Strike that rolled a natural ‘6’ to wound, or against Flaming Attacks.

Hard Target

Shooting Attacks targeting a unit that has more than half of its models with Hard Target (X) suffer a -X to-hit modifier. This rule is cumulative.


Attacks with the Attack Attributes stated in brackets (X) allocated towards or distributed onto the model lose these Attack Attributes.


Parry can only be used against Close Combat Attacks from the Front Facing. The model gains one of the following effects, whichever would result in a higher Defensive Skill:

• The model gains +1 Defensive Skill.

• The model's Defensive Skill is always set to the Offensive Skill of the attacker.