Light Troops

Description: A unit composed entirely of models with Light Troops applies the following rules for Advance Moves and March Moves:

• The unit may perform any number of Reforms, at any time during the move, and in any order. This does not prevent models with Light Troops from shooting this Player Turn.

• The unit can move backwards and sideways as if moving forwards (i.e. up to its Advance/March Rate, and a unit can combine backwards, sideways, and forwards movement), but cannot leave the board with any part of its Unit Boundary.

• The unit cannot perform any Wheels.

In addition:

Units composed entirely of models with Light Troops gain March and Shoot.

Units with more than half of their models with Light Troops always count as having 0 Full Ranks.

Infantry Characters gain Light Troops while joined to Infantry units of the same Height with Light Troops, and lose this instance of Light Troops when leaving that unit.