Description: The model cannot be deployed during the Deployment Phase but must be deployed using Special Deployment rules. At the start of any Player Turn, the owner may choose a friendly unit that meets all the following conditions:

• The model with Hidden could have been deployed in it if it weren't for Hidden and any other Special Deployment.

• It has the same Type and Height as the model with Hidden.

• It contains 2 or more R&F models with the same base size as the model with Hidden, at least one of which must be in the first rank.

• It is not Fleeing nor a Summoned unit.

Then apply the following procedure:

• Remove a R&F model with the same base size as the model with Hidden from the chosen unit’s first rank as a casualty. Removing the model never causes a Panic Test.

• Deploy the model with Hidden in the position of the removed model.

• The model with Hidden cannot voluntarily leave its unit during the Player Turn in which it was deployed.

• If the model is not deployed by the end of Game Turn 4, it counts as a casualty and cannot be deployed for the rest of the game.

The model with Hidden is subject to the same ongoing effects as its unit, and counts as Charging if its unit Charged.