Description: Universal Rule

At the start of step 7 of the Pre-Game Sequence (Spell Selection), mark a point on the Battlefield at least 1.5" away from the opponent’s Deployment Zone with a Gateway Marker.
At the start of each friendly Magic Phase, if the model is not Engaged in Combat, you may apply one of the following effects:
• Mark a single point on the Battlefield within 24" of the model with a Gateway Marker. Before doing so, you may remove any friendly Gateway Marker from the Battlefield that was not placed during this Player Turn. Immediately before removing the Gateway Marker, all units within 1.5" of the marker suffer 2D3 hits with Toxic Attacks. There can never be more than 4 friendly Gateway Markers on the Battlefield.
• Target a single unengaged friendly unit within 6" of the model that does not contain any Gigantic models and that is neither Fleeing nor Shaken. The unit loses Scoring until the start of the next phase. Remove the unit from the Battlefield and immediately place it back on the Battlefield with Special Ambush (within 1.5" of a friendly Gateway Marker that was not placed during this Player Turn). If the unit cannot be placed following these rules, it is considered destroyed where it was removed.
When all friendly Hellmaws are removed as casualties, all units within 1.5" of one or more friendly Gateway Markers suffer 2D3 hits with Toxic Attacks, and the markers are removed.