Description: Units composed entirely of models with Fly may use Flying Movement during Charge Moves, Failed Charge Moves, Advance Moves, and March Moves. When a unit uses Flying Movement, substitute its models' Advance Rate with the first value given in brackets (X), and their March Rate with the second value given in brackets (Y). A unit using Flying Movement ignores, and is ignored by all Terrain Features and units during the Flying Movement, except for the Charged unit during a Charge Move. Note that:

• It must follow the Unit Spacing rule at the end of the move.

• It is affected by the Terrain Features from which it takes off and in which it lands.

• All modifiers to ground movement values also apply to a model's Fly values, unless specifically stated otherwise.

• When declaring a Charge with a unit with Fly, you must declare if the unit will not use Flying Movement for the Charge Move.

• A Failed Charge Move of a unit with Fly must use the type of movement (ground or Flying) that was chosen when the Charge was declared. If the unit would end its Failed Charge Move inside another unit's Unit Boundary or inside Impassable Terrain, backtrack the move to the unit's last legal position where it follows the Unit Spacing rule.