Duplication Limits and\ Restrictions

Description: Certain units and options are limited in number in the army.

0--X Items per Army

Some items in the Army Books are marked with 0--X items per Army (e.g. 0--2 Units per Army, 0--2 Models per Army, 0--2 Mounts per Army). Such items can be included from zero to X times in the same army. The maximum limit (X) is halved for Warbands and doubled for Grand Armies, rounding fractions up (see below).

One of a Kind

Items (units, upgrades, equipment, etc.) marked as One of a Kind may only be taken once per army. This is not changed for Warbands or Grand Armies.

Minimum Army Size

Every army must contain a minimum of 4 units. Characters do not count towards this minimum. All units with the War Machine Universal Rule together count as a single unit for this purpose.

The General

A single Character in the army must be named the General. At least one Character must be included in the army that is eligible to fulfill this role. Who is the General must be noted on the Army List.

The General gains Commanding Presence.