Combat Reforms

Description: After all Fleeing and Pursuing units have moved, and after Post-Combat Pivots and Post-Combat Reforms have been performed, each unit remaining Engaged in this Combat now performs a Combat Reform.

Units on the losing side of the combat must pass a Discipline Test in order to do so. Apply the same modifiers as for the previous Break Test (i.e. apply the Combat Score difference, unless the unit is Steadfast or Stubborn).

Units Engaged in more than one Facing can never perform any Combat Reforms.

• After all Discipline Tests have been taken, the Active Player decides which player performs their Combat Reforms first. After this player has completed all Combat Reforms with their units (one at a time, in any order), the opponent Combat Reforms their units.

• Each player may choose not to Combat Reform one or more of their units.

When performing a Combat Reform, remove a unit from the Battlefield and place it back, following these restrictions:

• The unit must be placed in a legal formation (following the Unit Spacing rule, etc.).

• The unit is allowed to come within 0.5" of units Engaged in the same Combat, but it cannot move into base contact with enemy units that it was not in base contact with before the Combat Reform.

• The unit must be placed in base contact with all the enemy units it was in base contact with before the Combat Reform, and in the same Facing of the enemy unit(s).

• All models in the unit must be placed with their centre within their March Rate from their position before the Combat Reform.

Characters that were in base contact with an enemy must still be after the Combat Reform.

• This applies to both enemy and friendly Characters.

• A Character may end up in base contact with different enemy models than it was before the Combat Reform.

• After each Combat Reform, at least as many models of the Combat Reforming unit must be in base contact with enemy models as there were before.

• These don't have to be the same models.

Furthermore, after a player has completed all their Combat Reforms, all enemy models that were in base contact with opposing models before the Combat Reform must still be in base contact after the Combat Reform, but they may be Engaged with different models or units.

See figure figure/combat_reforms for an example of Combat Reforms.