Classification of Attacks

Description: All sources of damage are defined as attacks, which are then divided into Melee and Ranged Attacks (see figure figure/attacks). For attacks caused by an action or rule of a model or unit, that model or unit is considered to be the attacker, and its owner the player who makes the attack.

Melee Attacks

All attacks made at units in base contact with the attacker's unit in the Melee Phase are Melee Attacks.

The most common type of Melee Attacks are Close Combat Attacks. Model parts perform a number of Close Combat Attacks equal to their Attack Value (see ).

Special Attacks are considered to be Melee Attacks that are not Close Combat Attacks (see Special Attacks).

Ranged Attacks

All attacks that are not Melee Attacks are Ranged Attacks.

All Ranged Attacks made with a Shooting Weapon in the Shooting Phase or as a Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction are Shooting Attacks.

Other Ranged Attacks include, amongst others, Damage spells, ranged Special Attacks, hits from Miscasts, and hits from failed Dangerous Terrain Tests.

Strength and Armour Penetration\ of Attacks

Attacks have a Strength and an Armour Penetration value, unless specifically stated otherwise:

• Close Combat Attacks use the Strength and Armour Penetration of the model part making the attack, possibly modified by their Close Combat Weapon, Model Rules, spells, Characteristic modifiers, and other effects.

• Shooting Attacks use the Strength and Armour Penetration in the profile of the Shooting Weapon they are made with.

• Other types of attacks (such as spells and Special Attacks) follow the general rules for their type and the individual rules specified in their description.