Charging out of a Unit

Description: Declare a Charge with a Character in a Combined Unit (during the Charge Phase as normal) and apply the following rules:

• Use the Character's model for determining Line of Sight and distance to the enemy unit.

• As soon as the Character declares a Charge, it is considered a separate unit (i.e. it uses its own Advance Rate, all hits from Stand and Shoot Charge Reactions will hit the Character, in case of a Flee Charge Reaction, the enemy unit Flees away from the Character, etc.).

• Ignore the unit the Character was part of when determining Line of Sight and cover for Stand and Shoot Charge Reactions.

• The unit itself (including other Characters in the unit) cannot declare Charges in the same Player Turn.

• If the Charge is successful, move the Character out of the unit by Charging as normal.

• If the Charge is not successful, the Character makes a Failed Charge Move out of the unit. If the Failed Charge Move is too short to place the Character outside 1" of the Combined Unit, the Character is no longer considered a separate unit and remains in the Combined Unit, and all models in the Combined Unit are Shaken until the end of the Player Turn.