Description: If the attack was allocated towards or distributed onto a Character, the attacked model loses 1 Health Point for each unsaved wound. If the model reaches 0 Health Points, it is removed as a casualty. Keep track of models that have lost Health Points, but not enough to reach 0 Health Points (placing Health Point markers next to such models works fine). These lost Health Points will be taken into account for future attacks. If the model is removed as a casualty, any excess Health Point losses are ignored.

This Army Category always has a maximum amount of points that can be spent on it, usually 40% of the Army Points.

Each army must contain at least one Character that is eligible to be the army's General (see ).

Unless specifically stated otherwise, entries that belong to this Army Category are Characters (see Characters).

Characters represent the leaders and exceptional individuals who, through their particular sets of skills, influence the course of battle using either brute force, tactical acumen, spell casting ability, or engineering knowledge. It is they who muster the army, and your force will always include at least one representative of this Army Category to serve as your army General.