Characteristic Profiles

Description: Each unit entry contains the following Characteristic Profiles: Global Characteristics, Defensive Characteristics, and Offensive Characteristics.

Global Characteristics

Each model has three Global Characteristics:

Adv (Advance Rate)

The distance the model can Advance Move in inches.

Mar (March Rate)

The distance the model can March Move in inches.

Dis (Discipline)

The model's ability to stand and fight.

Defensive Characteristics

Each model has four Defensive Characteristics:

HP (Health Points)

When the model loses this many Health Points, it is removed as a casualty.

Def (Defensive Skill)

How well the model avoids being hit in melee.

Res (Resilience)

How easily the model withstands blows.

Arm (Armour)

The innate Armour of the model.

Offensive Characteristics

If a model consists of more than one model part, each model part has its own set of Offensive Characteristics. Each model part has five Offensive Characteristics:

Agi (Agility)

Model parts with a higher Agility strike first in melee.

Att (Attack Value)

The number of times the model part can strike in a Round of Combat.

Off (Offensive Skill)

How good the model part is at scoring hits in melee.

Str (Strength)

How easily the model part can wound enemy models.

AP (Armour Penetration)

How well the model part can penetrate the Armour of enemy models.