Army Model Rules


Universal Rules

Pledged to DarknessModels with Pledged to Darkness gain Excusive (Pledged to Darkness). While joined by one or more Characters, R&F models with Pledged to Darkness gain Fearless.Certain units with Pledged to Darkness can choose one of the following 4 Species Archetypes, which give the models the changes stated below. If any unit chooses one of these Species Archetypes, all units capable of doing so must choose the same Species Archetype.

Wayward Children

• +1" Adv

• +2" Mar

• +1 Agility

Fallen Heroes

• Base : 25×25mm

• Resilience set to 4

• -1 Agi

The Dishonoured

• -1" Adv

• March Rate set to at least 9"*

• Resilience set to 4

• -1 Agi


• Base : 25×25mm

• +1 Off

• +1 Def

*The March Rate of Daemon Symbiotes and Possessed is set to at least 12" instead.
Sacrificial OfferingsImmediately before performing a Casting Attempt with a Wizard in a unit containing one or more models with Sacrificial Offerings, you may inflict 1 hit against that unit. This hit wounds automatically with no saves of any kind allowed. If a Health Point loss was caused against a model with Sacrificial Offerings, the Casting Attempt gains a +1 Casting Modifier. Each unit can be affected by Sacrificial Offerings only once per Magic Phase.
Daemonic SummonAt the end of step 3 of the owner's Magic Phase (Siphon the Veil), before Veil Token Limits are applied, each non-Fleeing model with Daemonic Summon may perform a single Daemonic Summon:

• Choose a unit from the Summoned Daemons Army Category on your Army List.

• Discard a number of Veil Tokens from your Veil Token pool corresponding to the chosen unit's Point Cost divided by 200, rounding fractions up. In the first Game Turn, if the owner has the first Player Turn, a maximum of 2 Veil Tokens may be discarded, and if the owner has the second Player Turn, a maximum of 4 Veil Tokens may be discarded. In all other Game Turns, a maximum of 6 Veil Tokens may be discarded per Player Turn.

• The chosen unit is deployed with Special Ambush (within 12" of the model that performed the Daemonic Summon). Contrary to the general rules for Special Ambush (X), the unit does not count as having performed a March Move for the purpose of shooting.

Attack Attributes

SmotherIf the attack is allocated towards a model that has the same Height as the attacker, it gains +1 to hit and +1 to wound.