Armour Saves

Description: If one or more wounds are inflicted, the player whose unit is being wounded now has a chance to save the wound(s) if the wounded models have any Armour. To make an Armour Save roll, roll a D6 for each wound. The following formula determines the needed roll to disregard the wound:

7 - (Armour of the defender)
+ (Armour Penetration of the attack)

A natural roll of ‘1’ will always fail.

If the Armour Save is passed, the wound is disregarded.

See table table/armour_save_roll for the different possible results of the formula.

Armour minus AP : Needed roll to
disregard the wound

0 or less : No save possible
1 : 6+
2 : 5+
3 : 4+
4 : 3+
5 or 6 : 2+

Armour Save rolls.