Tauntaun Riders

Type: unit
Category: Support
Categories: Support, Creature Trooper, Light Side, Medium Base, Rebel
EntryId: 958f-e019-e7bb-89fb
Hidden: false
Costs: 95 Points
Options (4)
Rules (5)
Agile X
After you perform a standard move, gain X dodge tokens.
After you perform a move action, you may perform a free attack action.
Either before or after you perform a standard move, you may perform a free pivot action.
Sharpshooter X
While performing a ranged attack, reduce the defender's cover by X.
You ignore the effects of difficult terrain.


1.2 Troopers Subtitle Models Wounds Courage Defense Attack Surge Defense Surge Speed Upgrade Bar
Tauntaun Riders 2 4 2 White Hit Block 3 Training, Comms
Agile 1, Relentless, Reposition, Sharpshooter 1, Unhindered
Used By (1)
Rebel Alliance(Catalogue)