"Bunker Buster" Shells

Type: upgrade
EntryId: c5b8-3ebd-0c80-96ac
Hidden: false
Costs: 12 Points


max: 1
Rules (4)
Fixed: Front
The defender must be inside your front arc.
After a unit performs an attack using a weapon with the scatter keyword against a trooper unit whose minis are affixed to small bases, it may move any non-unit leader minis in the defending unit, following all the rules of cohesion, as if the defending unit leader had just performed a standard move.
At the start of your activation, if you did not use this card, ready it.
Ignore cover.


2.1 Attacks Range Attack Dice Keywords Icons
"Bunker Buster" Shells 1-2 Black, White x3 Blast, Cycle, Fixed: Front, Scatter Exhaust