Type: upgrade
EntryId: 3247-04aa-03c4-3d51
Hidden: false


max: 1


1.0 Battle Cards
Setup: Starting with the blue player, each player places a bomb cart within their deployment zone. Each player controls the bomb cart that they place. Then, starting with the blue player, each player marks a piece of terrain by placing 1 objective token matching their opponent's color on that terrain piece. Each chosen terrain piece cannot be within a deployment zone, but can overlap a deployment zone. At the end of each round, starting with the blue player, each player's bomb car may pivot and then perform a speed-2 move if there are more friendly unit leaders than enemy unit leaders at range 1 of it.
At the end of the game, each player gains 1 victory token if their bomb cart is at range 2 of the terrain piece marked with an objective token matching their color, 2 victory tokens if it is at range 1 of that terrain piece, or 3 victory tokens if it is in base contact with that terrain piece.


set hidden true
force is Skirmish