Key Positions

Type: upgrade
EntryId: 65ef-75e1-d53e-66f9
Hidden: false


max: 1


1.0 Battle Cards
Key Positions
Setup: Place an objective token on the piece of terrain closest to the center of the battlefield (if multiple pieces are equally close to the center, the blue player chooses). Then, starting with the blue player, each player places 1 objective token on a piece of terrain. Each token must be placed on a piece of terrain that is completely outside all deployment zones and beyond range 1 of any other piece of terrain with an objective token. If a player is unable to place a token according to these rules, they can place that token on any piece of terrain that does not have an objective token and that is outside all deployment zones. If that token still cannot be placed, then it is not placed.
At the end of the game, for each terrain piece with an objective token, the player who has the most unit leaders in base contact with that terrain piece gains 1 victory token.


set hidden true
force is Skirmish