Bombing Run

Type: upgrade
EntryId: e7bf-3b73-ef69-92d9
Hidden: false


max: 1
Rules (5)
Claim an objective token that is in base contact with your unit leader.
Flip one of your claimed objective tokens to its unclaimed side.
Ignore cover.
After you perform an attack, the defender that this weapon was used against gains 1 suppression token.
Area Weapon
Perform a separate ranged attack against each unit that is in line of sight and at the range indicated by the number on the range icon, even if the unit is engaged. This weapon cannot be in the same attack pool as another weapon.


1.0 Battle Cards
Bombing Run
Setup: After the Deploy Units step, starting with the blue player, each player places 3 claimed objective tokens in base contact with friendly unit leaders that are within that player's deployment zone. Each unit cannot have more than 1 claimed objective token. Each trooper unit gains: → Claim. All units gain: >> Drop. At the end of the Activation Phase, each player may detonate 1 unclaimed objective token that was flipped to its unclaimed side with the Drop ability by a unit they control.
After an objective token detonates inside or within range 1 of a player's deployment zone, their opponent gains 1 victory point.
2.1 Attacks Range Attack Dice Keywords Icons
Bombing Run 1 (Area Weapon) Red x3 Blast, Suppressive Attack Surge: Critical


set hidden true
force is Skirmish