Infantry Support Platform

Type: unit
Category: Heavy
Categories: Heavy, Repulsor Vehicle, Republic, Light Side, Huge Base
EntryId: c0b0-9b6e-1e01-c73f
Hidden: false
Costs: 65 Points
Options (4)
Rules (4)
Armor X
While defending, cancel up to X Hit results.
Cover X
When defending against a ranged attack, improve your cover by X.
Hover: Ground
You can reverse, strafe, and standby.
You are treated as a ground vehicle by other units.
Weak Point X: Rear, Sides
While defending, if the attacker's unit leader is inside your rear arc or either of your side arcs, the attack pool gains Impact X.


1.4 Vehicles Models Wounds Resilience Defense Attack Surge Defense Surge Speed Upgrade Bar
Infantry Support Platform 1 7 5 White Hit Block 3 Pilot, Hardpoint, Comms
Armor 3, Cover 1, Hover: Ground, Weak Point 1: Rear, Sides
Used By (1)
Galactic Republic(Catalogue)