Imperial Death Troopers

Type: unit
Category: Special Forces
Categories: Special Forces, Dark Side, Imperial, Small Base, Trooper
EntryId: fe82-164e-5d9b-3724
Hidden: false
Costs: 72 Points
Options (9)
Rules (3)
Disciplined X
When you are issued an order, you may remove up to X suppression tokens.
Precise X
When you spend an aim token, reroll up to X additional dice.
Ready X
After you perform a standby action, gain X aim tokens.


1.2 Troopers Subtitle Models Wounds Courage Defense Attack Surge Defense Surge Speed Keywords
Imperial Death Troopers 4 1 2 Red Hit Block 2 Disciplined 1, Precise 2, Ready 1
Heavy Weapon, Training, Comms, Gear, Armament, Grenades
Used By (1)
Galactic Empire(Catalogue)