Type: model
Categories: Leader
EntryId: 6385-1926-4f65-e566
Hidden: false
Costs: 42 Points


max: 1
max(roster): 1
Rules (6)
Immune: Deflect
Deflect cannot be used against you.
Critical X
While converting offensive surges, change up to X Surge results to Critical results.
Reliable X
At the start of the Activation Phase, gain X surge tokens.
This mini is your unit leader.
Lethal X
While attacking, spend up to X aim tokens to gain Pierce X.
Pierce X
You cancel X Block results.


2.1 Attacks Range Attack Dice Keywords Icons
Echo 1-5 Red x2 Critical 1, Lethal 1, Immune: Deflect
3.1 Upgrade Upgrade Ability Keywords Icons
Echo Reliable 1, Leader 2 Wounds


set hidden true
parent is not ARC Troopers
set hidden true
0 •Echo in parent (recursive)
1+ Leader in parent (recursive)