Type: unit
Category: Support
Categories: Support, Dark Side, Ground Vehicle, Medium Base, Separatist
EntryId: 5623-5a88-7914-1441
Hidden: false
Costs: 75 Points
Options (2)
Rules (5)
Cover X
When defending against a ranged attack, improve your cover by X.
AI: *Action*
During the Perform Actions step of a unit's activation, a unit with the AI: *Action* keyword must perform one of the actions list after AI as its first action if it does not have a faceup order token.
Generator X
During the End Phase, flip X inactive shield tokens.
Shielded X
You have X shield tokens.
Wheel Mode
When you activate, you may increase your maximum speed to 3. If you do, you gain Cover 2 and cannot attack or flip active shield tokens.


1.4 Vehicles Models Wounds Resilience Defense Attack Surge Defense Surge Speed Upgrade Bar
Droidekas 2 3 -- White -- Block 1 Comms
AI: Attack, Move, Generator 1, Shielded 4, Wheel Mode
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