•Iden's ID10 Seeker Droid

Type: model
Categories: Counterpart, Dark Side, Droid Trooper, Imperial, Small Base
EntryId: a9f7-60bf-03c1-ea8f
Hidden: false
Costs: 15 Points


max: 1
max(roster): 1
Options (1)
Rules (4)
Counterpart: *Unit Name*
While building an army, this mini must be added to a *Unit Name* unit.
Recharge X
When you recover, flip X inactive shield tokens.
Shielded X
You have X shield tokens.
While defending, when determining line of sight, cover, and range, ignore this mini.


1.3 Counterparts Subtitle Models Wounds
Iden's ID10 Seeker Droid "Droid" 1 1
Counterpart: Iden Versio, Recharge 1, Shielded 1, Small
Used By (1)