•••Do Not Underestimate Our Means

Type: upgrade
Categories: Command Cards
EntryId: 6988-2f0c-b3a0-fa90
Hidden: false


max: 1
Rules (2)
You may deploy after all units without Reinforcements have deployed.
Some command cards have the divulge keyword. These cards can be revealed at the start of the Phase or step stated after the divulge keyword on the command card.
If a card is divulged in this manner, resolve the text that follows the divulge keyword.
A card that is revealed in this way is not played, and is returned to that player’s command had at the end of the step in which it was divulged.


1.0 Command Cards Commander Orders
•••Do Not Underestimate Our Means Super Tactical Droid 3 Droid Troopers or AI Units
If this card was not divulged, at the start of the Activation Phase, choose up to 2 friendly units with face up order tokens. Each chosen unit recovers. Divulge: Deploy Units Step. Choose up to 3 friendly units with AI. Each chosen unit gains Reinforcements.


set hidden true
0 •Super Tactical Droid in roster (recursive)
0 •Super Tactical Droid (Kraken) in roster (recursive)
0 •Super Tactical Droid (Kalani) in roster (recursive)