•Size Matters Not†

Type: upgrade
Categories: Command Cards, Unreleased (†)
EntryId: e985-f7ba-6a02-468e
Hidden: false


max: 1
Rules (3)
Jump X
Perform a move during which you ignore terrain that is height X or lower. This is treated as a move action.
After you perform a move action, you may perform a free melee attack action.
You can perform moves while engaged with 1 unit.


1.0 Command Cards Commander Orders
•Size Matters Not Yoda Yoda
Yoda gains → Jump 1, Charge, Disengage and treats his maximum speed as 3. During his activation, Yoda can perform any of his → or >> actions up to 2 times. If There Is No Try is in your discard pile, return it to your hand.


set hidden true
0 •Yoda† in roster (recursive)