Type: upgrade
Categories: Command Cards
EntryId: aadf-2fdd-e725-1d16
Hidden: false


max: 1
Rules (4)
Arm X: *Charge Type*
Place X charge tokens within range 1 and in line of sight of your unit leader.
Detonate X: *Charge Type*
After a unit controlled by any player performs an action, each unit that has a weapon with the Detonate X: Charge Type keyword may detonate X friendly charge tokens of the specified type.
Area Weapon
Perform a separate ranged attack against each unit that is in line of sight and at the range indicated by the number on the range icon, even if the unit is engaged. This weapon cannot be in the same attack pool as another weapon.
Ignore cover.


1.0 Command Cards Commander Orders
•Explosions! Sabine Wren Sabine Wren
During the round this card is played, Sabine Wren gains → Arm 2: Thermal Charge. After she performs this action, she may perform a speed 1 move. Until the end of the game, Sabine Wren gains Detonate 2: Thermal Charge. Do not discard this card from play.
2.1 Attacks Range Attack Dice Keywords Icons
Thermal Charge 1 (Area Weapon) Red, White Blast Attack Surge: Critical


set hidden true
0 •Sabine Wren in roster (recursive)