Type: unit
Category: Heavy
Categories: Heavy, Dark Side, Ground Vehicle, Imperial, Huge Base
EntryId: f8a3-880e-852b-a519
Hidden: false
Costs: 155 Points
Options (5)
Rules (3)
While defending, cancel all Hit results.
Arsenal X
While attacking, each model in this unit can use up to X of its weapons.
Weak Point X: Rear
While defending, if the attacker's unit leader is inside your rear arc, the attack pool gains Impact X.


1.4 Vehicles Models Wounds Resilience Defense Attack Surge Defense Surge Speed Keywords Upgrade Bar
AT-ST 1 11 8 White -- Block 2 Armor, Arsenal 2, Weak Point 1: Rear Pilot, Hardpoint x3, Comms
Used By (1)
Galactic Empire(Catalogue)