•Luke Skywalker

Type: unit
Category: Operative
Categories: Operative, Light Side, Rebel, Small Base, Trooper, Force User
EntryId: d1d4-74ca-26fb-9a72
Hidden: false
Costs: 195 Points


max: 1
max(roster): 1
Options (3)
Rules (6)
Jump X
Perform a move during which you ignore terrain that is height X or lower. This is treated as a move action.
Immune: Melee Pierce
While defending against a melee attack, Pierce cannot be used against you.
You can perform moves while engaged with 1 unit.
After you perform a move action, you may perform a free melee attack action.
Master of the Force X
During the End Phase, you may ready X of your Force Power upgrade cards.
While defending, if you spend a dodge token, you gain "Defensive Surge: Block"; if it's a ranged attack, the attacker suffers 1 wound for each Surge rolled.


1.2 Troopers Subtitle Models Wounds Courage Defense Attack Surge Defense Surge Speed Upgrade Bar
Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight 1 7 4 Red Critical -- 2 Force x3, Training
→ Jump 1, Charge, Deflect, Disengage, Immune: Pierce, Master of the Force 1


set hidden true
1+ •Luke Skywalker in roster (recursive)
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Rebel Alliance(Catalogue)