•Sabine Wren

Type: unit
Category: Operative
Categories: Operative, Light Side, Rebel, Small Base, Trooper
LinkId: 01fa-1023-76dd-4f0a
Hidden: false
Costs: 125 Points


max: 1
max(roster): 1
Options (5)
Rules (4)
Jump X
Perform a move during which you ignore terrain that is height X or lower. This is treated as a move action.
After you perform a ranged attack action, you may perform an additional ranged attack action against a different unit.
While defending, if the attack pool has Pierce X, roll X additional defense dice.
After defending, if you spent 1 or more dodge tokens, gain 1 dodge token.


1.2 Troopers Subtitle Models Wounds Courage Defense Attack Surge Defense Surge Speed Keywords Upgrade Bar
Sabine Wren Explosive Artist 1 5 2 Red Critical Block 3 → Jump 2, Gunslinger, Impervious, Nimble Training, Gear x2, Armament
Used By (1)
Rebel Alliance(Catalogue)