X-34 Landspeeder

Type: unit
Category: Heavy
Categories: Heavy, Huge Base, Light Side, Rebel, Repulsor Vehicle
EntryId: 976e-3faa-c0b8-56ba
Hidden: false
Costs: 60 Points
Options (5)
Rules (5)
Armor X
While defending, cancel up to X Hit results.
Arsenal X
While attacking, each model in this unit can use up to X of its weapons.
Cover X
When defending against a ranged attack, improve your cover by X.
Light Transport X: Open
You may transport X friendly trooper units that consist of exactly 1 small base mini.
While a unit is being transported, it can perform most actions and an be the target of an attack.
A unit that is being transported is treated as though it has heavy cover. This cover can be reduced as normal. 
Speeder X
While moving, ignore terrain that is height X or lower.
When you activate, perform a compulsory move.


1.4 Vehicles





Attack Surge

Defense Surge


Upgrade Bar

X-34 Landspeeder 1 6 4 White Hit Block 2 Pilot, Crew x2, Hardpoint, Comms
Armor 2, Arsenal 3, Cover 1, Light Transport 1: Open, Speeder 1
Used By (1)
Rebel Alliance(Catalogue)