Type: upgrade
EntryId: 9f43-5131-9037-1463
Hidden: false


max: 1
Rules (3)
Ignore cover.
Impact X
While attacking a unit that has Armor, change up to X Hit results to Critical results.
Area Weapon
Perform a separate ranged attack against each unit that is in line of sight and at the range indicated by the number on the range icon, even if the unit is engaged. This weapon cannot be in the same attack pool as another weapon.


1.0 Battle Cards

Victory Conditions

Starting with the blue player, players alternate placing condition tokens on the battlefield until 4 tokens have been placed. Each token must be placed beyond range 1 of each deployment zone and beyond range 2 of any other condition token. After a non-repulsor unit performs a move, if it is at range 1 and in line of sight of a condition token, roll a red defense die. On a block result the condition token detonates; on a surge result it detonates twice before being removed.

2.1 Attacks


Attack Dice



Minefield 1 (Area Weapon) Red, Black Blast, Impact 1 Attack Surge: Crit


set hidden true
force is Skirmish