AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank

Type: unit
Category: Heavy
Categories: Heavy, Dark Side, Huge Base, Repulsor Vehicle, Separatist
EntryId: a42e-0405-17d1-d9ab
Hidden: false
Costs: 175 Points
Options (5)
Rules (6)
AI: *Action*
During the Perform Actions step of a unit's activation, a unit with the AI: *Action* keyword must perform one of the actions list after AI as its first action if it does not have a faceup order token.
While defending, cancel all Hit results.
Arsenal X
While attacking, each model in this unit can use up to X of its weapons.
Weak Point X: Rear
While defending, if the attacker's unit leader is inside your rear arc, the attack pool gains Impact X.
If you do not use Arsenal during your activation, you can perform up to 2 attack actions.
Hover: Ground
You can reverse, strafe, and standby.
You are treated as a ground vehicle by other units.


1.4 Vehicles





Attack Surge

Defense Surge


Upgrade Bar

AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank 1 9 6 Red -- -- 1 Pilot, Ordnance x2, Comms
AI: Attack, Armor, Arsenal 2, Barrage, Hover: Ground, Weak Point 2: Rear
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