Greater Fire Elemental

Type: unit
Category: MON: You MUST Manually Validate Unlocks
Categories: MON: You MUST Manually Validate Unlocks, @Hero/Mon/Ttn/War Eng, @Mon, @Mon/Ttn
EntryId: 7030-8192-e68a-a8e2
Hidden: false
Costs: 1 US175 pts
Rules (5)
This unit suffers no movement penalties for Difficult Terrain, treating it as Open Terrain in the Movement Phase. It is not Hindered for Charging through, or ending its Charge on, Difficult Terrain. Obstacles still Hinder.
Crushing Strength
All Melee hits landed by this unit have a +(n) modifier when rolling to damage.
Whenever this unit rolls to damage, it must re-roll all dice that score a natural, unmodified 1.
This unit cannot be given an At the Double Movement order, except when carrying out a Scout move.
RANGE: 12" || TARGETS: Enemy || MODIFIERS: Hits on 5+ against units in Cover or with Stealthy || EFFECT: Roll to damage as normal.


Profile Type Key Sp Me Ra De Att Ne US Ht
J: Greater Fire Elemental Mon ~Spellcaster: 0, Flamebound 6 4+ - 5+ 8 -/18 1 5
Crushing Strength (3), Pathfinder, Shambling, Vicious:(Melee) ~Fireball (8)


repeat for every 1000 pts of any in roster