Soul Reaver Infantry (10) Troop

Type: unit
Category: INF
Categories: INF, @Troop
EntryId: 894b-581f-6297-eccb
Hidden: false
Costs: 1 US165 pts
Options (1)
Rules (2)
Crushing Strength
All Melee hits landed by this unit have a +(n) modifier when rolling to damage.
When this unit completes its hit and damage rolls in Melee combat, it removes 1 damage previously suffered for every 1 damage it causes, up to a max of (n). Lifeleech has a max total of 3.


Profile Type Key Special Sp Me Ra De Att Ne US Ht
A: Soul Reaver Infantry (10) Troop Inf Vampiric Crushing Strength (2), Lifeleech (2) 6 3+ - 5+ 20 11/13 1 2