Vermintide* (12) Legion

Type: unit
Category: SWA
Categories: SWA, *Irregular, @Troop, %HORDE/LEGION Artefacts
EntryId: 23c3-842f-818b-0d67
Hidden: false
Costs: 1 US195 pts
Options (1)
Rules (3)
This unit can make a single extra pivot of up to 90 degrees during any Movement order except a Halt. When Disordered by a unit in Melee with Phalanx or Ensnare, it loses Nimble until the end of its following Turn.
Whenever this unit rolls to damage, it must re-roll all dice that score a natural, unmodified 1.
Wild Charge
This unit may add (n) to their Charge range, after Sp is doubled. The (n) may be variable, in which case resolve the (n) roll before choosing your Movement order(s).


Profile Type Key Sp Me Ra De Att Ne US Ht
D: Vermintide* (12) Legion Swa Beast, Expendable, Vermin 6 5+ - 3+ 36 19/21 1 1
Nimble, Vicious:(Melee), Wild Charge (D3)