Type: unit
Category: TTN: You MUST Manually Validate Unlocks
Categories: TTN: You MUST Manually Validate Unlocks, @Hero/Mon/Ttn/War Eng, @Mon/Ttn, @Ttn
EntryId: 577e-89e6-c8b9-e569
Hidden: false
Costs: 1 US225 pts
Rules (4)
Crushing Strength
All Melee hits landed by this unit have a +(n) modifier when rolling to damage.
If this unit is within 12" of an Enemy unit with Inspiring or Very Inspiring and is Routed, the opponent must re-roll that Nerve test. The second result stands.
Enemies making Ranged attacks against this unit suffer an additional -1 to hit modifier.
This unit's Charge is not Hindered when charging through, or ending its Charge on, Difficult Terrain or Obstacles.


Profile Type Key Sp Me Ra De Att Ne US Ht
K: Shadow-hulk Ttn Abomination, Cyclops, Giant 6 3+ - 5+ D6 +6 -/20 1 6
Crushing Strength (3), Mindthirst, Stealthy, Strider


repeat for every 1000 pts of any in roster